Our product range

Our range offers a wide assortment of Açai products for everyone, at any time of the day. In a hurry or a world of time, there is always a moment for your daily dose of Açai power. Choose one of our products and get inspiredby our delicious recipes.

Açai Bowl Mixes

For this product range, we have returned the Açai pulp to its original berry-like shape.

This considerably simplifiesthe preparation of your favorite Açai bowl or smoothie and they are ready in just a few minutes!

Açai Pulp Packs

With this range, we introduced the world to the best Açai on the market.

These Açai pulp packs contain 100g Açai pulp and have been developed for the real Açai purists who want to get creativewith Açai.

Smoothie Bowls

This range is called the “No mixer” smoothie bowl for a reason. This is because, for these two standout products, you no longer need a blender to arrive at your delicious smoothie bowl. All the ingredients have already been mixed for you and are collected in handy frozen drops that you can just melt, stir in some yogurt if you like, and finish with your favorite toppings!

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