How to make Açai?

Fancy an Açai dish but no idea how to get started? Don’t panic! We have 4 fun “How to” videos, each one starring one of our products. Go for it & enjoy the Açai goodness!

Açai bowl with Açai berries

Blend 100g frozen Açai berries with 1 fresh banana and 100ml (vegetable) yogurt in a blender or with a hand blender until smooth. Finish with delicious toppings!

PS: Melt some Açai berries in warm oatmeal with some cinnamon and cubes of fresh fruit.

Açai bowl with Açai bowl mixes

Blend 1 Açai bowl mix of your choice (banana or mango) with 100ml vegetable yogurt in a blender or with a hand blender until smooth. Finish with healthy toppings!

Tip: Instead of yogurt, add (vegetable) milk and make a deliciously fresh Açai smoothie.

Açai workout shake with Açai berries

Take a shake cup and fill it with (vegetable) milk. Add 100g Açai berries and shake!

Tip: Add a serving of (vegetable) protein powder for a little extra protein or a shot of espresso for an extra energy boost!

Açai bowl with Açai pulp packs

Allow the packet of Açai pulp to thaw for a while until you can break the Açai pulp into pieces. Cut in half and add half a banana, 4 (frozen) strawberries and 50ml (vegetable) milk. Blend with hand blender or blender and top with crunchy toppings.

Tips: If you use the variant without guarana juice, add 2 tsp of natural sweetener to the recipe. And for a firmer texture, replace the milk with 100ml (vegetable) yogurt.

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